Special Orders

Interested in a special order?

Here’s the deal: If you see a design you like but in a wrong size, style or in ugly colors, you can order one to your specifications… mostly. Every time I dye, the colors come out a little different. I like it that way. I don’t want to measure the dye and time it exactly and have a chart that’ll tell me how to get a particular combination. This means you can tell me you want a pink and purple frog shirt and you’ll get one, but it might be a different shade of pink and purple from the pink and purple combination you saw on another shirt.

If you have a design in mind and don’t see it, ask. I’ve got a lot that just aren’t on the web site yet. Also, I have a long list of design requests I’ve been meaning to get to; hedgehogs, a dandelion, some sort of wine/grape thing, bamboo, quaker parrot, venus fly trap… Suggest something and I’ll add it to the list, might even use it.

Email me with questions.