The Handmades Sale

ArtHive835 presentsThe Handmades Sale
Friday Dec 1, 4:00 to 9:00
Saturday Dec 2, 10:00 to 5:00
Knights of Columbus 264
2200 South Meadowbrook Road, Springfield IL

Cydne LaBonte
Mixed-Media Rope Basketry
My sculptural forms are made chiefly from rope using a non-traditional sewing machine method. Along with the rope I may include yarn, string, various threads and fibers, paint, dye, wire, paper, and/or wood branches. The result may be useful, such as a bowl, basket, or handbag. Sometimes it is a purely artful piece for display on the wall , table, or shelf.

Zanne Avenue Jewelry, Up-cycled Fashion
Website – Instagram – Facebook

Hooey Batiks
Hand-dyed batik and shibori clothing, scarves and pillows
Website – Instagram – Facebook – Etsy

Cory Mccrory
whimsical hand built stoneware dishes and sculpture

Jill Scales, Daisy Bags
Custom made handbags and accessories. I create the original design, cut fabrics, personally sew and stitch details on my one-of-a-kind bags
Website – Instagram – Facebook

Kim Caisse
Shadow boxes with ceramic figures, paint, and found objects, and ceramic jewelry.

Kristin Diehl
Wall Weavings and Blind Contour Portraits. I look at my subject and draw their face with a single line, not looking at the paper until it’s finished. The result is a funky portrait in about 30 seconds.
website – instagram

Lydia Puddicombe
I create Woodcut Illustrations by hand-carving a wood composite and applying a combination of acrylic paint and colored pencil.
website – instagram

Poet James Escher
Poems written on demand

Felicia Olin
Website – Facebook

Greg Luttrell, Manhattan Leather Design

Piper Pottery
Stoneware pottery for the home and garden in a modern yet rustic style, with clean lines and nature-inspired designs. Using both wheel thrown and hand built techniques, we specialize in creating unique miniature pieces for use in the home and garden.
website – instagram

Bella Rhys Designs Unique Lampwork Jewelry
Instagram – Facebook

Marcia Menendez

Alison’s Stained Glass
Website – Facebook

Shirley Kramer

Jeff Williams
Website – Instagram

Reese Art Studios
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

Christy! Studios
Fine Art Watercolor and Mixed Media Paintings
Website – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter

Tedra Ashley-W
fine blank books and Red Ember Forge Jewelry
Hand-bound blank books

I make hand-forged (hammered) sterling silver jewelry in a rugged, unisex style.
etsy – facebook

Lara Orr, Same Street Textiles
website – instagram

Brock Eddleman, Gathered Illusions
Blown glass
facebook – website

Vinnie Sutherland Metalwork

Carole Harp, The Quirky Quiller
The Victorian art of Paper Quilling, the fascinating technique of rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper to create beautiful designs.

Joan Burmeister
Collaged Papers on Glass

Mary Boesdorfer, Written in Wood
Hand-turned pens and other small items out of a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, antler, corn, flower petals, coffee beans, and much more

Xin Zhao, Old School Garden
Old School Garden strives to create useful, durable and affordable pottery items that will be enjoyed by customers and their descendants for countless generations. We believe pottery is the perfect heirloom. Our studio is powered by solar and wind energy. Can you imagine how special to use our one-of-kind  pottery?